Teammates with Ceased Operations

  • DMI - Our teammate DMI ceased operating when its principal owners entered government service.
  • ATSI - Our teammate ADV Technical Solutions, Inc., ceased operations when its principal owner retired.

Unisys (Subcontractor) - Large Business

Unisys designs, builds and manages mission-critical environments for businesses and governments who have no room for error. Because it has a deep understanding of high-volume, transaction-intensive, and secure computing, Unisys can partner with clients to deliver operational efficiencies, reduced complexity, increased productivity and peace of mind.

Recent, Three-Year Experience:

  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4639/7N01 - Unisys provided Supply Chain Security Architecture support services to SPAWARSYSCEN, San Diego.

TWD's core competencies are demonstrated in distinctive technology solutions and services that deliver differentiated value in these specific areas: Unified Communications, Enterprise Information Technology, IT Infrastructure Services, IT Security Solutions and Collaboration Technologies.

Recent, Three-Year Experience:

  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4137/EH03 - This task was for Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters, Chief Information Office. NAVSEA currently has two voice switching systems physically located, installed and operational at the NAVSEA HQ complex at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC. The primary system is manufactured by Cisco Systems and is for a VoIP system with IP handsets, providing a small amount of analog connectivity for facsimile and data connectivity. The second system is an Avaya G3r voice switch comprised for both digital and analog handset capability that supports mainly the secure side and SEA 08. Both systems have individual ISDN PRJ service connectivity through an agreement with the GSA managed WITS (Washington futureagency Telephone Service) that extends connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), FTS 2001 and DSN. Both systems shared a unique separate infrastructure but are linked to provide abbreviated dialing through a specific engineered trunk design. The contractor provided management, maintenance and operations of the WNY NAVSEA HQ voice switching systems located in Buildings 197, 201, 104, 22, 176 and 200. This supported approximately 4,500 Cisco VoIP seats and 1,736 Avaya voice seats.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4137/EH04 - TWD provided the following support to NAVSEA's Command Information Office (CIO): Program Management, HQ Resources/Application Support, HQ Operations Support, Enterprise Support.

BAE Systems (Subcontractor) - Large Business

SAIC (Subcontractor) - Large Business

SAIC is a leading technology integrator providing full life-cycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering and enterprise information technology markets. SAIC's deep domain knowledge and customer relationships enable the delivery of systems engineering and integration offerings for large, complex government and commercial projects. SAIC operates in core areas of IT Solutions, Systems Engineering, Simulation and Training, and Logistics and Supply Chain.

Recent, Three-Year Experience (sample, as SAIC has been awarded many task orders):

  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4119/FC35 - SAIC provides engineering and technical support for Sensor Integration and Sustainment for NSWC Crane Division.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4119/FD07 - SAIC provides Engineering Program Management for NSWC Carderock.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4119/0029 - SAIC provides Analytical Services for NSWC Dahlgren.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4119/FC42 - SAIC provides International Systems Hardware, Engineering and Logistics Support for NSWC Crane.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4119/NS18 - SAIC provides Tactical Command and Control Data Link Engineering Support to SPAWAR.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4119/NS17 - SAIC supports OPNAV N81 (via SPAWAR HQS).
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4119/M810 - SAIC supports PMA-209

TWD's core competencies represent its collective set of specialized knowledge and deep proficiency in today's leading technologies and exclusive processes, developed and honed to assure quality and reliable results, and more than 20 years of successful applied work experience with executive-level, national security-focused organizations.

TWD & Associates, Inc. (Subcontractor) - Small Business

Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, BAE Systems, Inc. employs approximately 43,000 employees in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Israel, Germany, Mexico and South Africa, and generated 2011 sales of $14.4 billion. BAE Systems, Inc. provides support and service solutions for current and future defense, intelligence and civilian systems; designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of electronic systems and subsystems for both military and commercial applications; produces specialized security and protection products for law enforcement and first responders; and designs, develops, produces and provides service support of armored combat vehicles, artillery systems and munitions. BAE Systems, Inc. is a Delaware corporation that has mitigated its foreign ownership through a Special Security Agreement between the U.S. Government, BAE Systems, Inc. and BAE Systems plc. That agreement calls for the appointment of outside directors who, in conjunction with other U.S. based board members, comprise a Government Security Committee. The Government Security Committee has the responsibility for overseeing the company's compliance with U.S. Government Security and Export regulations, and meets regularly with U.S. Government oversight agencies to provide feedback on that compliance. The company's long history of successful compliance with the SSA allows BAE Systems to supply products and services to the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Homeland Security on some of the nation's most sensitive programs.

Recent, Three-Year Experience (sample as BAE has been awarded many task orders):

  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4018/0002 - BAE provides AOCD Next Generation (Air Dominance Engineering Services) for NSWC Port Hueneme.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4018/0003 - BAE provides SE/SI Agent Engineering Services for NAVSEA/PEO IWS 3.0.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4018/005 - BAE provides TATEF (Towed Array T&E Facility) support to NUWCDIVNWP.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4018/006 - BAE provides Accelerated Support (Special Submarine Augmentation Systems) to NUWCDIVNWP.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4018-FD01_26 - BAE provides Physics Support to NSWC Carderock.
  • Seaport Task N00178-04-D-4018/0011 - BAE provides Aegis BMD support to NSWC Dahlgren.

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