Trandes uses a myriad of World, Federal, State, Local, Commercial and Program-Directed quality standards to develop solutions and products, and provide services for government and commercial activities. Trandes has the full resources to provide the flexible capabilities needed for multiple, complex requirements, no matter what the quality and specification criteria. Where ISO standards are required, Trandes develops the standards, attains and maintains the appropriate certification and directs 'like' work to the most applicable facility for Division performing at those certficiations. Currently, Trandes has ISO-compliant units performing to specific government or commercial requirements. In addition, Trandes supports the government and commercial activities in its own certification for ISO standards.

Quality Assurance

Trandes Corporation provides information solutions, system support and products for National Defense, including the deployment of leading information systems, mission-critical processes, systems engineering and support, advanced concepts, research and devleopment and production of state-of-the-art communications and signal & imaging equipment. In addition, Trandes creates information solutions for the business of government.